What My Closet Can't Live Without

The other day, before I started my crazy workout schedule, I was cozied up on the couch, enjoying the cold April sunshine while reading my blogs and skipping through Pinterest. Pinterest is excellent for browsing through different styles of clothing and fashion and I often get my inspiration for outfit posts from what I see posted there. But if you've been following my fashion postings for awhile, you've probably noticed I'm pretty mild when it comes to fashion. I'm more JCrew than Zara, a habit of my East Coast preppy upbringing. My hometown is known for its ivy-covered buildings, crew races, and boys in flat-fronted khakis with Beiber hair before it was Beiber hair. I spent more than half of my childhood wearing uniforms to school and by the time I was able to pick my own clothes, I was indoctrinated with polo shirts and plaid. If I'm being honest, I haven't gotten very far from all that. I love a collared shirt, plaid is scattered throughout my closet, and a pair of sturdy and comfortable flats are perfection to me. So while I skim through Pinterest to try to break out of my fashion bubble, I have come to terms with the fact that there are just some things my closet can't live without.


every day

1. A classic cable knit sweater. Ralph Lauren is preferable but anything will do now. It always takes me back to those high school days when all the cool girls wore cable knit pullovers. Did I mention I went to a prep school?

2. Gold hoop earrings. Not the kind that are big enough to be considered bangles but those classic, not-too-big, not-too-small, go-with-everything gold hoops. I thought about challenging myself to wear different earrings but then I predicted morning melt-downs and decided that was just a stupid challenge.

3. Sunglasses, mostly Ray-Bans. I bought a pair of white ray-bans during a sale one year and haven't looked back. I would die to have the ones above but really any classic tortoise shell or black pair of shades in a face flattering shape are enough to make me feel Audrey Hepburn stylish.

4. Toms. At first I rolled my eyes at these social-conscious fashion statement. I love a great cause, especially a fashion-related one, but I wasn't feeling the Toms style. Well it only took one red pair (I have a weird thing about red shoes and probably buy one new pair a year) and I've been hooked ever since. They have carried me through bars, classrooms, and everywhere in between.

5. Skinny jeans. I still remember purchasing my first pair at Kohl's when everyone was still craving the flare. I wasn't too sure if they would stick and now I wear them practically every day. Who doesn't need a pair of skinny jeans in their closet?

6. Chambray shirt. Nick teases me that I can't possibly need one more chambray shirt but...I always do! This is a year round kind of love and I'm never giving it up.

7. Minnetonka moccasins. Notice how I put Minnetonka there because no other moccasin will do for me. I started wearing these when I was two or three years old and have had a pair in my closet ever since. If that doesn't scream closet staple then what does?

My closet may be boring but just writing this post made me smile. I have my style, its comfortable, and I can't wait to remix it all to make something "new." Have any closet staples? I might steal your ideas!