A Breath of Fresh Air

lancaster pennsylvania Throw open the windows, drive with no place to go just to take in the sunshine, turn your face skyward. Spring is officially here as the days get longer and warmer and those April showers seem less harsh than winter snows. I have found myself taking deeper breaths, smiling more, and seeing beauty everywhere I turn.

This Spring weather is more than welcome to my state of mind. The past few grey months have felt cold and cobweb-y. You know that feeling where your brain just feels stale and empty and your thoughts just rattle around inside? That's what I call cobweb-y. Writing down anything coherent has been difficult and I've been plodding my way from morning to night, getting through the days until the weekend. So I've spent this past week sweeping away the cobwebs, dusting off the shelves, and stretching myself out of this hibernating state.

With a fresh look to my blog and a fresh state of mind, I'm breathing deep and digging deep for the warm months ahead. It's hard to put into words but it feels like a breath of fresh air has swept through every part of my life. I feel healthier, happier, and like life is moving. I wish I could bottle up this feeling and share it with everyone; it feels that good.

So if you're like me and suffer for those winters, take today to brush away those cobwebs and throw open the windows. Breath deep, eat something delicious and fruity, move your body! Get that breath of fresh air blasting through your life.


Happy Weekend!