That Special Moment: Our Engagement Story

my magical weekend To be honest I still feel like I'm floating on clouds but I'll try to come down for a moment to explain my ecstasy. You see, this wonderful man I have been dating for about four years, seven months, and 20 days stood before me and asked me to spend forever with him on Friday night. So it's kind of hard to think about much else right now.

From day one, Nick felt like my best friend and I feel so lucky that we met and fell in love. Not to overload you with all the sappy details but spending over four years together helps you get to know someone inside and out. We've guided each other through some tough times and watched each other succeed and all those moments have been so special since we are in this together. The best part about it all is that I am still learning new things about him each and every day.

The proposal was very special because it took place in the city where we fell in love, Philadelphia. I am a Jersey girl through and through and never paid much mind to this city just to our south. But Nick changed all of that since he was born and spent much of his childhood in the city. He introduced me to all the things he loved about it but we really explored most of it together. In my mind it's become "our city".

It all started with the oldest trick in our book: surprising the other with a night at a hotel. We love our little nest but how can someone not be excited about a night in a hotel room? No cooking, cleaning, and big, fluffy pillows, sign me up! Nick let me know we'd be going to stay the night at the Hotel Monaco in Old City. I was super excited since I'd actually looked at this hotel awhile ago and thought it looked amazing. I could only think that it was going to be a great birthday weekend. So I packed a bag and we headed out.

that special moment

What a beautiful night with the most perfect weather; I seriously love June. The Hotel Monaco was even more gorgeous than I thought and our room was plush and cozy. I just love a fluffy hotel bed. Nick made a reservation at Farmicia which we'd always talked about going. On our walk to dinner I just felt so happy and relaxed. We were in Philly, my favorite place, and the weather was warm and gorgeous.

After dinner Nick suggested a walk up to Independence Mall. How could I resist? I did get him off track a bit since I wanted to take pictures of the Liberty Bell at night. I just couldn't resist. But then he pulled me into the center of the mall and reminded me of all the reasons we have fallen in love. As the clock on one of the oldest buildings in this country struck nine, Nick asked me to be his wife and I said yes.

In our room, right after the big question

While I am incredibly excited to plan a wedding and celebrate our love, I am really looking forward to everything to come. I knew fairly early on that I wanted to spend forever with this man. Every day is a joy and I can't imagine not having him by my side for the rest of my life.

that special moment