What I'll Be Wearing This Fall

Fall 2014

The weather is dropping into the 40s and 50s at night this week and it has got me doing some serious thinking about fall. Actually, that's not true; Nick and I have been making all sorts of fall plans from festivals in Philadelphia to our engagement party in November. I love making plans because I love having things to do in the fall but also the clothes. Every new activity means finding just the right outfit. A new season also means moving my summer clothes into storage, pulling out fall favorites, and scoring some new pieces that will become old favorites. Now I don't always do trendy but I'm always looking for something comfortable that will make the new season feel special. I decided to do a round-up of all the pieces I'm loving for this fall.

If I had to describe my look for fall in one word it would be "cozy". I'm dying to wiggle into some cable knit or fisherman sweaters with a pair of worn-in boyfriend jeans. Don't get me wrong; I love to dress up. But I think that fall is the perfect time to grab all the cozy knits and a cup of chai. Also can you say turtleneck?! Turtlenecks used to be the bane of my childhood but now their chic and warm appeal make them the perfect fall accessory. I'm waiting to find the perfect one to pair with my midi skirts.

Even though I'm feeling the cozy vibe for the fall, there are plenty of events coming up so I want to make a classic statement with a twist (okay, so maybe I can't use just one word for my style). Pleated maxi skirts have been on my radar for awhile now and I have a nice black one in mind for our engagement party. Surprisingly I'm also looking to throw some leopard into my wardrobe for the fall. No, I'm not going full Jersey girl on you. Something about a hint of leopard on a scarf or on some wedges seems perfectly alright and something you wouldn't expect. Actually I think that says a lot about my fashion ideas for fall: make it simple, make it classic but add a little something unique.

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