Surviving Grad School Life in Style

I've kept it pretty hush, hush around here but I have officially headed back to grad school to complete my master's degree. The whole story behind my graduate education is much too complicated (and boring) to explain but the short of it is that I have five classes left. Now I love learning new things, especially those pertinent to my job. But graduate school is like college without parties and with paying your bills. I've already had my first freak out of the semester and I'm only taking one class. And it's online. I never said I was heading into this cool, calm, and collected. In a moment of desperation I started to compile a list of "essentials" that are going to help me survive this graduate school mess the best I can.  

Time to Relax

1. Give me all the comfy clothes! Going back to school gives me the excuse to go back to college fashion. Which means hold onto your sweatpants, yoga pants, and sweatshirts or I will snatch them right out from under you. Sadly I can't head to work in my insanely comfortable clothes but anything comfortable and stretchy has become my official post-work, school work outfit.


Tea Please

2. Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine. When the university system decides to lock you out of all your learning modules, you're going to stay up all night, and you're going to need a lot of caffeine to do it. Not that I have experience with that at all. I've been investing in some pretty drink ware to make my new caffeine addiction more acceptable and "sophisticated". Don't even get me started of my dreams of having an afternoon tea in a pretty tea cup instead of my usual stress-filled giant mug while grading papers and listening to lectures. I don't think I'm fooling anyone except myself, which is okay with me. Whether it's a tumbler full on my way to work or a steaming mug first thing in the morning, I need my tea to power me through until December.


Back to (Grad) School Supplies

3. Stylish supplies are a must-buy. I adore these pretty, pretty office supplies and am currently pining after a gorgeous Kate Spade notebook to write down all of my brilliant thoughts. But to be perfectly honest I get just as psyched for school when Staples has it's 10 cent notebook sale and I buy 20 yellow notebooks. There is just something about a new notebook that makes school life bearable.


Plan it!

4. Planned to perfection. Earlier this year I proclaimed my eternal love for my Filofax planner. I'm not OCD but I do like to have a plan. With grad school assignments on top of work obligations on top of wedding planning, I need to keep my life in check and a planner is just the thing to do it. While I can attest to my love of the Filo, you can't go wrong with any pretty planner and a set of bright pens. Though that doesn't completely keep away the panic mode when scheduled assignments just keep happening and happening.


The Office

5. My office feels like home. Okay, I don't actually have an office; my home has turned into my grad school office. The mess of papers and books and pens has spread to many corners of our tiny apartment and, while he doesn't say too much, Nick would probably prefer if I had a more dedicated space for my things. So I'm attempting to pretty up my teeny desk with some office supplies that add a little spark and inspiration. Oh and organization too of course.


Alright, back to the grind.

Any recommendations for keeping the sanity while submerged in higher education?