Still Summer in Shorts and a Checked Shirt

Fall Transition: Shorts and Sleeves Fall Transition: Shorts and Sleeves

shirt and shorts: jcrew, sneakers: converse, sunglasses: stolen from Nick

It's hard to be all, yay Fall! when the weather isn't exactly cooperating. Though I don't know why I'm complaining since I can keep putting off switching my wardrobe and still wear shorts. But it is late September so I figured I could balance out the shorts with some long sleeves. Did it work? Am I fooling you into actually looking like fall? No, probably not so we'll stick with it's got to be summer still somewhere.

Speaking of trying to be all fall around here, it's still festival season and Nick and I will be heading into Philly once again for another street fair. It's actually our favorite in Midtown Village with pumpkin beers and the most delicious food from the restaurants on 13th street. Weird or not, there's something awesome about enjoying a drink and food in the middle of a usually busy city street. It'll also be a nice break from all the stress going on during the week. Seriously living for the weekends right now and I'm not a happy camper. But it's October so I'm hoping a change in the month will make life a tad bit easier...I hope.