The New Girl Inspired Vintage Dress


Who's That Girl?: inspired by Fox's The New Girl Who's That Girl?: inspired by Fox's The New Girl

Who's That Girl?: inspired by Fox's The New Girl

dress: vintage, wedges: dsw

My tv viewing is decidedly eclectic; on Sunday I indulge in the blood and gore and decaying flesh that is The Walking Dead and by Tuesday I plop myself down to be entertained by some funny Los Angeles friends on my favorite weeknight show The New Girl. I started watching New Girl from the start because, well, Zooey Deschanel. Say what you will about her rainbows-and-sunshine attitude, the girl is fun to watch. Her character Jess is the perfect antidote to the stress of my work week and I absolutely love the dynamic of her loft mates Winston, Nick, and Schmidt (and now Coach too). Also if they ever decide to do a Schmidt spin-off I would watch it ALL DAY, SON. Even though it can get a bit goofy, there is always something endearing about Jess and her friends and the struggle to becoming an adult when you actually don't feel like being an adult.

While I love the back and forth will-they-won't-they of Nick and Jess's relationship, Winston's strange quirks, and Schmidt's ladies' man personality, I have fallen head-over-heels for Jess's wardrobe. Full skirts and cardigans, quirky patterned dresses, and bow flats for days, it is my dream to have a closet half as cute as Jess's. Sadly I'm not bold enough for her look; I tend to be much more conservative rather than girly. Unless you count my bicycle skirt and circus dress. It's also amazing how many vintage-inspired looks the costume designers are able to adapt to an every day look. A few years ago I was collecting vintage dresses but stopped because I was just not able to fit them into my every day life. While dressing in vintage may work for a tv teacher, it definitely does not work for this real life teacher. Maybe one day when I have more confidence and am not constantly kneeling/sitting on the floor, my vintage dresses will see the light of day.