Floating on a Cloud in a Ruffled Tank

Wearing a Cloud: The Perfect Ruffled Tank Wearing a Cloud: The Perfect Ruffled Tank

a touch of French charm

Wearing a Cloud: The Perfect Ruffled Tank

tank: anthropologie, jeans and necklace: f21, cardigan: new york and co.

I always have the worst time coming up with a title for my outfit posts but not this one. As soon as I saw the photos I thought "this is my "cloud" outfit" because that white ruffle paired with the prettiest shade of pale blue reminds me of the sky on a perfect day. I promised myself that I wasn't going to start talking about the weather again in my outfit post but it seems I can't help it. Clothes and weather just seem to go together. Plus I've been pretty into the weather since I was in elementary school. I used to sit and wait for the weather to come on and then compare the weather across the country and track the weather for the week. Maybe I liked having a little extra knowledge about my day. Maybe I liked trying to make sense and order out of the unpredictable. Or maybe watching the weather is way more entertaining than the news any day of the week.

My weekend plans involve a whole lot of picture taking. Nick and I are getting our engagement photos taken this weekend and I'm both nervous and excited. I'm excited to have photos to document this very special time in our lives and to have professional photos taken for the first time since my graduation portrait in high school. I'm nervous because I'm used to just having Nick take my photos. I get nervous around other people but the nice thing about this photo session is that it will give us a chance to become more comfortable with our wedding photographers. We're going to wander around Philly and hopefully get some fantastic shots in the city we love.