My Favorite Halloween Costume

The Black Ballerina The Black Ballerina

The Black Ballerina

The Black Ballerina

shirt: gap, leggings: f21, flats: target, tutu: discount dancewear

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Four years of blog writing and I think this is the first Halloween costume that I've ever posted. And guess what, it's definitely my favorite Halloween costume as an adult. It may be because I knit those leg warmers myself two years ago (yea, that's why they're kinda funky). Or it could be the amazing black tulle tutu. Or it could be I'm living out my ballerina dreams. Either way, I am loving this holiday this year.

When I was a kid I had some pretty cute costumes. One Halloween where I dressed as a cat and my brother dressed as a dog. I think we were maybe 7 and 3 and we were just as adorable as you imagine. Also one year my mom got all crafty and referenced a copy of Martha Stewart living and I ended up as a flower. It was pretty crafty of her but I was in fifth grade so thank goodness I went to a small all-girls school where every girl kind of did her own thing. I've never been into scary Halloween costumes; even when I was a witch I was a darn cute witch.

Sadly enough my school does not allow students or teachers to wear their costumes on Halloween. Something about costumes becoming too violent and scary. It's too bad because Halloweens at school are my favorite memories. Teachers used to be able to wear costumes but not this year. I'd been thinking about this Halloween costume for months so I was kind of bummed. Nick offered to take me out for Halloween and we're having a very adult Halloween visiting a few of our favorite bars in Philly that are having Halloween parties. This will be my first time in Philly for Halloween and I'm kind of excited, though it could just be that I get to wear a tutu all night. Anyone have some good Halloween plans?