Through the Lens: October Recap

through the lens: october Today I'm linking up with Kristen from Treats and Travels for her monthly Through the Lens link-up. She so kindly challenged me to do a photo recap of my month of October so here's what I've been up to in case you missed it!

clockwise from top left

1. Cold weather is finally breezing into New Jersey so I pulled out these leg warmers for a few chilly nights. They are slightly imperfect (I adapted the pattern from baby leg warmers and didn't do such a great job on the first one) but I always love to wear the items I knit myself.

2. October was the month of fall festivals. Nick and I decided to hit up one of our favorites in midtown Philly on an absolutely perfect day.

3.We finally got to visit River Horse Brewing Company in Ewing. It's been a longtime coming and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to sample their new IPA.

4. October was also the month of eating delicious food on city streets. I gobbled down my first cronut from United by Blue in Old City and don't regret a single bite.

5. My absolutely favorite Halloween costume because I got to live out my ballerina dreams. I am in the process of figuring out when else it would be acceptable to wear a tulle skirt. Also, leg warmers. Leg warmers every day.

6, 7. On the same day we visited River Horse, Nick and I trekked down to South Jersey (or SoJo, the nickname that I'm trying to make happen) to visit both Forgotten Boardwalk and Flying Fish. I think I've asked Nick to go back to Forgotten Boardwalk every day since because they have skeeball. What's better than delicious beer and skeeball?!?

8. An aerial shot of Midtown Village. This is my favorite photo of the fall festival season; I loved being on the roof of Mamou with a live band, delicious beers, and getting to see all the chaos of the festival from up above.

9. I will also remember this month because we had our engagement photo shoot with our wedding photographers. This was shoot was so magical and wonderful in our favorite city; can we do it all over again?!


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