The First of Many White Dresses: An Engagement Party Dress

An Engagement Party Outfit An Engagement Party Outfit

An Engagement Party Outfit

An Engagement Party Outfit

dress: club monaco, necklace: jcrew (on sale now)

This weekend marked the first big official wedding event in this year of events leading up to our wedding. Of course we've done a few small things here and there in the planning process but this was the first time we got to do a big celebration of the fact that WE'RE GETTING MARRIED! Sometimes, with the monotony of work and school, I don't think about the fact that one of the most important days of my life is happening next year. But when I stop to think about it, it's pretty incredible and amazing. I think I've been overusing the word "blessed" lately but until I find another word that so accurately wraps up the feeling of overwhelming joy and love, that's the word I'm going to use to describe this season of my life.

One thing that was not exactly a blessing was searching for the perfect white dress to wear to a November event. I am all about the bride wearing white at every possible moment but finding a white dress for November was something of a tricky task. Any white dress already in my closet was cotton and short, essentially the perfect summer sundress. The trick was finding something in a heavier fabric that I actually liked. I also shied away from dresses in wool since it was the first weekend in November, not the last, and I knew it would just be too heavy (little did I know it would be 40 degrees and super windy). I had never set foot into a Club Monaco store before but went into their downtown Philadelphia location and found this tiered scallop-hemmed dress in the perfect crepe fabric. It was love at first sight and seriously cannot wait to change up the look and wear it more than once. And talk about wearing something more than once: this JCrew necklace was purchased to fill out an order (free shipping, duh) and I think the photos barely do justice to its sparkly goodness.

Our engagement party, surrounded by family and close friends, was a great way to spend our Sunday afternoon. I feel so lucky to have so much love and happiness in my life. I'm sad to say that I often forget about all the wonderful things in my life when I'm slogging through the day to day. Having the engagement party was a great reminder of the many people in our lives that love and cherish us and who we should try harder to love and cherish as well.

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