Staying Strong in the Neutral Wardrobe Zone

Neutral Zone Neutral Zone - buttons & blossoms

sweater and booties: target, tank and jeans: f21

I used to be all about color. Bright orange jeans, chartreuse sweatshirt, red tights; the brighter the better! But as my personal style progresses, I've started being much more into neutrals. It's just easier when I'm getting dressed in the morning before work or when I just can't be bothered on the weekend. This outfit is so simple it makes me happy. Plus the addition of the open-toed booties adds a little flair to an otherwise simple ensemble. These open-toed booties were on my "maybe" purchase list for awhile. They're seemingly totally impractical since the open toe won't work in the colder months and I don't want to cover up my foot in the dog days of summer. But during this in-between time, when the weather is somewhat cool but still gets warm in the middle of the day, I've found they're just a really fun shoe to pair with my outfits. Bonus points for being a neutral.

This is the second day of my "mini vacation" and I'm loving this much needed time off. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a little time off at the beginning of each month? I would get so much more done! But alas, come Monday, it's a race to Thanksgiving and a sprint to Christmas. I can't even believe I've just mentioned Christmas; I'm trying to pretend that there is a ton more time before we're dragging the tree out of the closet and racing around town searching for perfect gifts for family and friends. So instead of thinking about Christmas and spending and just the general lack of time, I'll get excited for my time off and another beautiful weekend.