Picture Perfect...or Not: Creating the "Perfect" Christmas Cards with Cardstore (and a giveaway!)

Since getting engaged, Nick and I have had to do a lot of things we've never done before. We have successfully navigated the world of wedding venues, passed the save-the-date magnets or postcard test, and will soon delve into the world of joint finances. Nick and I have been together for over five years so compromise and teamwork is something we've become champions at. Except in one area: the Christmas card. My family always had a Christmas card and a photo one at that. My mom still puts out a Christmas card  which inevitably features the one photo of my brother and I in the same location for that year. Sometimes my seventeen year old dog even makes an appearance on the Christmas card. I also love getting Christmas cards. When we go over to my mom's house on Christmas day I inevitably find myself sifting through holiday cards of family friends and remark on how they've changed or haven't. Everyone looks picture perfect.

Now it's our turn and Nick and I are locked in a debate about whether or not this will be our first year to send out Christmas cards. We have the perfect photos courtesy of our wonderful wedding photographers who took our picture a few weeks ago. See?

Christmas Card Giveaway!

Adorable, right? This is the Christmas card perfect kind of photo. What would be more accurate is this:

Christmas Card Giveaway

Or maybe this one:

Christmas Card Giveaway!

Actually when it comes down to it all three photos are "us". Nick and I are funny, ridiculous, silly, and cute sometimes. So I feel confident that even if we didn't have a professional picture to put on our Christmas card, I could still show what life is like with the guy that makes me laugh. Though that doesn't solve the debate of whether or not to we're going to have Christmas cards this year...

The only thing I don't worry about is where we're going to get those cards (if we get them). I love the seemingly limitless options that Cardstore offers for holiday cards. Whether you're like me and want a photo card or just want a beautifully designed option, Cardstore is the perfect place to shop. This holiday season they're running a fabulous contest right now to share your craziest holiday family photo. Think Nick and I will win?

Cardstore is also fabulous because they're sharing the holiday card love and giving away 50 cards to one lucky reader! Now wouldn't that make your holidays a little more merry and bright?

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