Cream Cropped Sweater Layered

Cropped Cream Sweater for the Fall Cropped Cream Sweater for the Fall

Cropped Cream Sweater for the Early Winter

Cropped Cream Sweater for the Early Winter

sweater: anthropologie, shirt: jcrew (artist top, my favorite), minnetonka moccasins

I am in a love/hate relationship with this cream cropped sweater. As I'm planning my outfit for the day I am all "Yes! I have a cropped sweater which makes me super fashion-y. I will look great!" Then I get it out and I try to layer it this way and that and almost shove it into the donate pile. Anything cropped can be tricky but finally found the perfect solution: a long-sleeved top. It has to have a bit of length to balance out the crop, pattern optional. The other trick is not to go skinny on the bottom. These flares are a nice balance for the tighter top and super comfortable to boot. Now you won't see me rushing out to buy more cropped sweater but this cream cropped sweater will probably live a few more lives this winter season.

Today is official recover from Thanksgiving Day. It is also National Stay-Away-From-The-Mall-If-You-Know-What's-Good-For-You Day. I have never been much of a Black Friday shopper except for last year when Nick and I snuck into Target and picked up some stuff, mostly for us embarrassingly enough. We'll be holed up at home, watching movies and playing with our new fancy Keurig "brewing system" we were gifted for our engagement. It's kind of nice to kick off the first day of the holiday season just us two. Think I can convince Nick that today is the perfect day to pull out all the Christmas junk and deck the halls?