Through the Lens November

Through the Lens Link-Up November It's that time of the month again: it's Treats and Travels and All That's Glittered Through the Lens link-up! November passed by in a blur but when I went through my photos I realized it was actually a pretty great month.

1. Our Save-the-Dates went out the middle of this month, yay! I can hardly believe we only have seven months until we're husband and wife. So far the wedding planning process has been only mildly stressful and I'm actually really enjoying all the planning. More on wedding stuff coming your way soon!

2. The turkey! Our Thanksgiving celebration was a little smaller this year due to family not being able to come in for the bad weather but it was exciting in that I got my hands dirty in the kitchen a little bit more. Some day I'll be taking it all over so now's the time to learn all the family recipes.

3. Nick and I spent a lot of time at our favorite bars this month. I love discovering new places but there's something cozy and comfortable about a familiar place.

4 . I started to get back in the swing of things in the kitchen. Chopping away at some onions is the best therapy after a day of stressful teaching.

5. It's always a good month when there's plenty of me and Nick time. I've been neglecting him lately with the beginning of a new challenging graduate class so it's my goal in December to find a good balance between school time and love time.

6. Starbucks is my new home office.

7. Oh goodness it's finally sweater weather. It's a little sad packing up those sundresses but switching up what's in my closet has made getting dressed a little more fun.

8. Nick and I got a Keurig at our engagement party and I'm enjoying brewing a cup of coffee or tea when I get home. Over the short Thanksgiving break I enjoyed a cup while torturing Nick with Gone with the Wind ("how long is this movie?!).

9. At the very beginning of the month, Nick's parents threw us an engagement party and people bought us some things off our registry. This new season of our life together is filled with so much love and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

What did you do this November? Join me over at Treats and Travels!

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