Not-So-Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Not Ugly Christmas Sweater The Not Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Not Ugly Christmas Sweater

sweater: jack wills, jeans: f21

Last year for Nick's birthday we organized an ugly sweater bar crawl with our friends. I borrowed an old sweater belonging to my Dad that I always considered an ugly sweater because I had always viewed it as an ugly sweater. It is mixed red, yellow, green in a thick wool with some weird holiday designs. Wouldn't you know that two different girls told me how cute that sweater was? Okay, so I have trouble nailing the ugly sweater deal but that just goes to show that I have an eye for cute Christmas sweaters. Which is how I picked up this Fair Isle beauty from Jack Wills. The verdict's still out about Jack Wills; this British company is like a strange J.Crew/Brooks Brothers/upscale Urban Outfitters hybrid with British flag motifs everywhere and super short dresses. But I kind of like this sweater, it's a nice wool for the holidays, and it was a bargain so why not? You'll have to tune in later to see if I find anything else there.

There are no ugly sweater parties on the holiday party radar for Nick and I. Actually the holiday season has been pleasantly quiet so far. I adore seeing friends and family over the holiday season but, after hosting parties the last two years in our tiny apartment, I am more than happy to just hang out with Nick and enjoy our holiday decorations in peace. We have also unfortunately left much of our Christmas shopping until now. I'm a planner and try to pick up cute gifts throughout the year but not this year. So maybe it's good to stay off the party circuit, for this year at least.