7 Months to Go Until Our Big Day!

7 Months to Go Until the Big Day! I can hardly believe that today means seven months to go until our big day. When we set our date way back in June for July 2015 I thought, "Wow, July is so far away!" Now I'm thinking, "Seven months, really?!" Though honestly Nick and I are killing it at this wedding planning game. So far I've kept the stress sessions to a minimum and am really enjoying the whole thing (except for paying for it of course). I also think we've done a good job of keeping in mind what are priorities are. We want the day to really feel "like us" and have kept that in mind with every decision we've made. Here's what's happened so far:

Seven Months to Go Until the Big Day!

When I look at this way, we've gotten a lot done in three months. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite part right now. Maybe getting my dress at the most perfect little bridal shop outside Philadelphia (seriously, my mom and I were the only clients all afternoon!). Or it could be our engagement photo shoot and how our amazing photographers captured us so perfectly. I also loved asking the girls to be my bridesmaids. See? I am really enjoying the wedding planning process! Which is good because there is plenty left to do:

7 Months to Go Until the Big Day!

When I look at that list I start to get a little overwhelmed. My mom has been amazing as well in helping keep me on track and doing some things I wasn't sure about, like finding a great and affordable florist. Next month we'll be going for our tasting at our venue and I'm itching to start on some crafts. Stay tuned for another wedding update next month!

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