From Inspiration to Design: How I Started Planning My Wedding

From Inspiration to Design: How I Started Planning My Weddingvia

There are so many different choices to make when planning your wedding: choosing a date, choosing a venue, choosing a dress. Choices, choices, choices! By far the hardest choice that I faced a mere seven months ago was choosing how we would design our wedding day. I have always been a visual person so the details like color are important and I knew I wanted a cohesive design. But where to begin? Beginning proved to be the hard part because, again, there are so many choices!

Despite not being engaged until last summer, I've been pinning images onto a wedding Pinterest board for roughly three years like any other normal lady in her twenties. We're all normal, right? I had amassed a huge collection of images and all of them were so different. On that board I have images of brides in lace and brides in tulle. There are images of carnival-themed weddings and pale pink extravaganzas. Since I wasn't planning my wedding at the time I pinned any wedding related image that piqued my interest. On one hand it was great because I had so many different images to spark my inspiration. On the other I had a ton of images that covered the gamut of wedding possibilities. Here's what I did to narrow down my inspiration and focus on how I really wanted to design our big day.

1. If you're starting with a treasure trove of wedding images, look for a cohesion. At first I thought that I just had a totally random wedding board. As I scrolled through them, I started to pick out what had a similar feel. I didn't focus on the images looking the same or even having the same color; I looked for a feeling. I noticed that I love sun-soaked weddings, fresh greens, vintage chic without the mason jar. Traditional elements like white roses, structured centerpieces, and up lighting did not have one mention on my Pinterest page.

2. Think about what will make the day about "us". As I set out to pick colors and create a feeling, I knew I wanted to focus on something that felt like it was about Nick and I. Big, noticeable elements like food and music make the impact that it's your day but little things like color choice, lights, and signs can bring people into your "world". A peek in our combined closet and you'll see blue hues on both my side and Nick's. Blue is most definitely wedding approved.

3. Pinterest-obsessed ladies: make a board for your big day, and only YOUR big day. Like I mentioned before, the Pinterest wedding board came long before the proposal. But this is a fantasy wedding board; there's a bride in her dress on a Ferris wheel for goodness sake! I created a totally separate board and began filling it with images based on stringent criteria: is this something I can actually see happening on my wedding day? 100 percent focus on the most unfocused website.

4. If all else fails, find one picture that makes your heart soar. Part of the downfall of being a visual person is that I tend to love everything. Weddings are just so beautiful! For nearly a month at the start of the planning process I went back and forth between so many different colors and themes and ideas. But you can't have everything so I made myself pick something. I went through all my hundreds of pins and picked the pin that made my heart skip a beat. It is almost as big of a skip as when I know Nick is about to walk in the door. My entire wedding design is inspired from the picture about that I pinned of brit+co's blog. My day will look very different but that picture was the perfect jumping off point to start this roller coaster ride of planning.


Six months to go!