Mad for a Plaid Blanket Scarf

Wearing: Mad for Plaid Wearing: Mad for Plaid

Wearing: Mad for Plaid

Wearing: Mad for Plaid

scarf: aerie, shirt and socks: target, jeans: levi's, boots: sporto via macy's

A very real conversation that happens in our apartment daily: "Where's my plaid shirt?" "Uh, you're wearing it?" "No, the other plaid shirt!" I can't help it if I'm mad for plaid and have at least four different plaid shirts. I also can't help it if Nick doesn't know the difference between a tartan and buffalo check. My poor, poor fiance. This combo of buffalo check and red plaid was perfect for Sunday errands last weekend. Of course the quickly melting snow meant waterproof boots and wouldn't you know, my trusty Sporto snow boots are plaid too! Plaid might just be my favorite part of this never ending winter.

When will this bitter cold end?! Tomorrow is the last day of February and it still feels like January and I'm over it. In an attempt to not hate the winter so much, I've been hitting all of the sales and I must say they're pretty good. This checked shirt was found in the clearance section of Target and, despite it being an extra large, it fits exactly like I like it: slightly roomy and long. I've been thinking up a post on my no-sizes shopping secrets because I've been finding some great pieces lately. This weekend I'll be hitting the mall again but this time to find bridesmaid shoes! Gotta love those shopping trips for the wedding (and my closet too)!