Why I Blog

Why I Blog This week has me feeling really uninspired when it comes to my little space right here. I think it's only natural when you're in this weird in-between month of March where it's not really spring but it's not exactly winter, when it feels like you've been stuck in this same routine day in and day out. The only way to get out a rut is to reflect on the rut so I decided to share why I blog.

I started blogging about four and a half years ago. I'd been reading blogs for years at that point and read all different types: fashion blogs, blogs about NYC, blogs about models, blogs about crafting and DIY and more. I still read all those different types of blogs. It amazed me to read someone's personal thoughts; not a magazine artfully edited or a website curated for the sophisticated reader. I had always wanted to be a writer for the New York Times but that was a very far off dream. The fact that you could write about ANYTHING and then hit PUBLISH without anyone's permission was so exciting to me. So I got started.

Four and a half years later I am no farther along than I was when I started. Actually, that's not true. I take better photos, I (maybe) write better, and I've learned a tiny little bit about SEO and page views and blog design. But unlike many people who started blogging when I did or even started just a year ago, I am not living the "blogging dream". You know those dreams: sponsored posts, free swag, tons of followers on your blog and across all social media platforms. Recognition. Instead I slog away here each day trying to schedule a few posts ahead. I get excited when anyone logs on to read. I get even more excited if they decide to comment (hint, hint). I haven't yet written the confetti-filled post titled "Yay, 500 followers!". I'm not even going to dream higher than that.

Yet I am still here, four and a half years later. I am here blogging because I genuinely love it. It is a slog some days but it's also a wonderful, time-consuming, ever-changing march. It's a weird form of art that anyone can do whether they do it well or not. You blend pictures, words, internet links, and story to share with an unknown audience. How weird. How wonderful.

I was perusing Pinterest yesterday and came across a pin with a loud, angry title about blogging. "How I Dealt with a Blog that Failed" and it got me thinking: what is a blog that "fails"? I started to get annoyed because then I wondered if I am an owner of a "failing" blog. I don't have a big readership, my attempts to create a regular posting schedule are lukewarm at best, and I've never actively pursued those sponsored posts. I'm not making money and I've been at it for FOUR AND A HALF YEARS.

But then I remembered: "it's not about the money, money." (You can sing that if you want). I like doing this, admittedly some days more than others but that's neither here nor there. This blog was started almost a year after meeting Nick. It's the chronicle of our relationship. A few months into blogging I started taking outfit pictures. I've watched my style evolve. There have been countless vacations that I've documented through posts, places Nick and I discovered and I wanted to share, and a few essays to get me through some bad and some good days.

Blogging has changed so much since I started. It's easier and harder to get into blogging and build an empire. But for me, I'm not blogging for the empire. Why I blog is simple: it's fun and it's exciting and I really enjoy sharing with you (whoever YOU may be). I know I want to get better, I want to reach more people but for right now I'm happy to write, happy to create, and happy to have this in my life. That's why I blog.