A Picture Is Worth the Words

Welcome to the first "motivation" Tuesday! This month is going to be all about building positivity and motivation into my life and inspiring others to do the same. Call it a little spring cleaning of the heart and soul. One of the ways I'm motivating and inspiring in April is by sharing an inspiring quote for the week on Instagram. A Picture is Worth the Words

Words are so powerful to me. They can build you up or break you down. Words have helped me get through break-ups and captured those first amazing feelings of love. Pictures and images are beautiful but there's something about the perfect phrase or paragraph.

A Picture is Worth the Words

A Picture is Worth the Words

I don't agree with the idea that "a picture's worth a thousand words". Words have always had a special draw for me. I collect quotes like it's my job: on Pinterest, in a notebook, on Twitter. I think that the right set of words can change your day, maybe change your life. The purpose of my Monday quotes is to create a little more mindfulness in my life. It's part of my "be present" resolution for the year. The process begins around the internet or in one of my old notebooks. I try to pick a phrase that I want to focus on for the week. I reflect on the message they convey whether it's to make the most of your time with the people who matter or to show kindness and caring to everyone I meet.

It may be hard to prove but I think focusing on a weekly quote has changed my outlook for the week. I feel in tune with the people I encounter. I feel calmer in the morning because, even though I don't know what to expect from each day, I know that I have the motivation behind me to take care of it all. When things are difficult and I find myself getting frustrated, I try to think back about what this week is supposed to be about.

My favorite phrase so far has been "strive for progress, not perfection." It has been a reminder in my instagram feed that, as long as I keep moving forward, I'm doing okay. Sometimes I get a weird perfectionist streak in me and want everything "just so". But it's more important that I'm making those changes and moving forward even if it's messy around the edges.

I'm so glad I brought this Monday practice into my life and hope to keep it up past April!

A Picture is Worth the Words

Do you have any favorite inspirational quotes?

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