The Devil's in the Details

Philadelphia Engagement Photos It is less than three months until our wedding day and I'm feeling equal parts excited and a tiny bit of stress. This is a weird stage of the planning process: all the big fun things have been taken care of (cake tasting, planning the dessert bar, basically anything to do with food) and now we're slogging through the smaller details.

Details are important in any event you plan. They become the little things your guests talk about and what makes your event unique, besides you two of course. What I'm trying to remember as we put together the little things here and there is that the wedding needs to feel like us. I want our wedding to be a memorable event for our family and friends. Not for being dazzling and expensive but for being a true representation of who Nick and I are as a couple. We've had five and a half years to create traditions, habits, and silly inside jokes. Here are some of the details we've already decided are a MUST:

* A dessert bar - this may be more for me than for Nick but he kindly indulges in my overactive sweet tooth. Despite some parental hesitation, we are getting desserts from three of our favorite bakeries (the hesitation came in thinking, how in the world are we going to coordinate all this?!). Each bakery represents an important stage in our relationship from our first date to travelling back and forth to my house and his to Philadelphia. I'm also embracing my new Italian heritage with mini cannolis and I'm not mad about that!

* Flip flops for dancing - flip flops have become a pretty common wedding detail but it reminds me of summer time when Nick and I run down the Shore or spend sweaty nights wandering through Philly.

* Philly cheesesteak rolls at the cocktail hour - I'm not going to lie: one of the selling points of our venue was the choice of hors d'oeuvres at the cocktail hour. It was basically a done deal when we found out that they offered a "Philly station" complete with mini hoagies and cheesesteaks. Philly food love to the max.

* Navy and white striped table cloths - probably the biggest (and more expensive) decision was to order custom linens for the reception tables. If you remember from my wedding inspiration post a few months back, all my wedding designs stemmed from a picture that featured a navy and white striped table runner. We felt that it would make a big difference in how our event looked and it felt very unique and, dare I say, "us".

The wedding details are still in progress and I'm sure I'll be hard at work at them for the next two and a half months. Luckily, I have the internet to help me and keep me inspired. The one thing I have to remember each day is that July 18th is about me and Nick. I can't wait to share our story with the ones we love so soon!

Here's to three (or less) months to go!