A Short Sleeve Cardigan to Transition from Spring to Summer

Wearing: Two Seasons at Once Wearing: Two Seasons at Once

Wearing: Two Seasons at Once

Wearing: Two Seasons at Once

sweater: f21, top: gap (worn here too), jeans: target (worn here and here), sandals: dsw (also here), necklace: jcrew

Hello there! I have been absent from the internet since approximately Monday. There are three reasons for this prolonged absence. Reason number one: the school year is coming to a close and my students finally realized it. Remember when you were in elementary school and you unconsciously decided that you no longer had to do work? It is hitting hard in my room and I come home exhausted every single day. It takes all my energy to corral 22 bodies that would rather be running around outside. We're having some fun but I find myself saying, "Put your heads down and cool off!" more than once an afternoon.

Reason number two: living life. As much as I like being online, reading blogs, LOL'ing at those funny tweets, and hearting all the Instagram photos, sometimes you've got to get out in the sunshine. Nick and I broke free this weekend and spent time all over the place. I've got so many cool places in the NJ/PA/Philly area to share! I'm hoping to get all the posts put together this weekend. After being on the go and enjoying every minute of it, I'm feeling that introverted need to spend a weekend doing (almost) nothing. I'm feeling that this might be my first Shore weekend so I can get that rest I'm craving with the sound of the waves in the background.

Reason three: in case you didn't know, I'm planning a wedding. Pretty sure I forgot that little fact and now I'm planning on not having a social life in June. So. Many. Little. Details. It's all going to be worth it in the end but oh my goodness the stress is real. I'm really looking forward to my birthday, bridal shower, and bachelorette coming up in the next three weeks!

Those three reasons are going to keep me pretty tied up for a little while longer. There are no guarantees that I'll be back on my regular posting schedule until at least July but I'm going to make some serious attempts to put some love up on the internet. What I hope is that your life is just as fun but way less hectic than mine right now!