A Bubbly Bride and a Boden Dress

Wearing: The Bubbly Bride Wearing: The Bubbly Bride

Wearing: The Bubbly Bride

Wearing: The Bubbly Bride

dress: boden, heels: nordstrom's

I want to be a bride forever and always so that I can wear white to every important occasion. Forget what I said about the struggle to find white dresses; I have literally found the best one. This isn't a pure white dress but what actually makes it amazing is that it isn't pure white. There are polka dots! My love for polka dots is on the same level as my love for stripes. If you go back through my archives, you might realize that my love for stripes is real and true. Unfortunately it is a lot harder to find polka dot clothing but I was lucky to dig this adorable Boden dress up at their sample sale in January. I have been waiting six months to wear this dress at my bridal shower and it lived up to all my expectations. Just perfection in polka dots.

 I'll be donning another white dress this weekend, this time for my bachelorette party. Obvious it's not quite as conservative but it will be over ninety degrees this weekend so I can get away with a slightly more strappy, shorter dress. My girl friends and I are headed into the city, New York City. There is the promise of good drinks and great friends. I don't know much about the weekend except what I'm wearing (the most important part obviously). As a well-known planner, this is huge for me. But, with the constant grind of the last few weeks of school and wedding planning, I'm ready for someone else to take the wheel. So here goes nothing!