My Summer 2015 Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List 2015 On Sunday it officially became summer. I missed my old habit of creating a seasonal bucket list so I brought the old tradition back! This summer is going to be amazing; I feel it. Not just because I'm getting married (though that obviously makes it a thousand times better than every other summer ever) but I've already had a ton of fun this June and I'm going to keep the ball rolling.

* drive along the Shore: on a hot, humid night during the New Jersey summer season, there is no better activity than driving along the coast. Though Ocean Avenue doesn't run continuously through all the Shore towns, you can take a hodge podge of roads that will keep the ocean at your shoulder. Bonus is seeing everyone grilling, drinking, and laughing in front of their Shore houses and the sounds of the boardwalk games.

* visit all the seasonal Philly beer gardens: we are quickly approaching the limit on the cool factor for beer gardens but that doesn't mean I can't wait to grab a glass or two outdoors. I'm most excited for the pop-up garden down in South Philly put on by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society and just steps away from Geno's and Pat's cheesesteaks.

* host a girlfriends party: my ladies have showered me with so much love this year and I want to pay it back. Wine, champagne, and some chick flicks sounds about right.

* spend a night at the county fair: this has been on my summer bucket list two years running. New Jersey has plenty of county fairs to choose from but there is one about ten minutes down the road. Will this be the summer that I finally visit the county fair?

* get married: I. can't. wait.

Anyone else plan out their summer bucket list???