Ombre Split Maxi Skirt of My Dreams

Wearing: Split Decision Wearing: Split Decision

Wearing: Split Decision

shirt: american eagle, skirt: cynthia rowley via thredup

 My fashion inspiration comes from many different places: other blogs, pinterest, magazines, instagram, people I see on the street. Sometimes I see something on someone that I can't stop thinking about and I HAVE TO HAVE IT. When I first saw pleated maxi skirts making the rounds I became a girl obsessed. But it's a lot harder than it looks to find the perfect one! After months of searching, I stumbled across the perfection you see above. Pleated and long AND a colorful "ombre" (is it technically ombre if it's two different colors?). Now I can rest until I become obsessed over some other style of clothes. Maybe I should learn to make clothes so I can keep my sanity.

We're still away in Belize on Ambergris Caye (yay, scheduled posts!) but you can follow along with our adventures on instagram, as long as the wifi is working at the resort. Or snapchat (kendallblossoms) where I only post the most ridiculous parts of our journey. Can't I just spend my life travelling and shopping?!?