Sixteen Things You Never Knew About Me But Now You Do

Wearing: The Bubbly Bride

The following used to be on my "About Me" page but I'm *slowly* trying to revamp that. I loved this post too much to let it go so instead I'm putting it up here. Enjoy!

Sixteen things you probably never wanted to know about me but now you do:

1. Sixteen is my favorite number for no reason. Well, it might be from my love of the movie Sixteen Candles and Jake Ryan and the movie's ability to get me through the roughest of times just being a "normal" person. And yes, there are 16 items on this list because I love the number 16. Duh.

2. I have a very healthy pride for my home state of New Jersey. Jersey, the Dirty Jerz, the Garden State, call it what you will (except the armpit of the United States because we're over it already) I am continually surprised by this lovely state of mine at every turn.

3. I'm an elementary teacher through and through. I love my kiddos and going back to grad school to pursue my certification was the best decision I ever made.

4. I wasn't always the crafty and colorful elementary school teacher you see today; I graduated from college in 2009 with a degree in Art History and Historic Preservation. Okay sure it wasn't the most useful degree but I got to study what I love and it kept my eyes wide open to the beauty in this world.

5. I'm always featuring the fun local travels I have here on the blog but I have an ever expanding list of abroad destinations. Greece, Turkey, southern France, Denmark, Cambodia, and Turks and Caicos are just a few. I grew up with the travel bug and thank my parents every day for our family adventures.

6. I'm also a huge fan of exploring the U.S. What an amazing country we live in! Nick and I have visited Las Vegas, Austin, Massachusetts, Georgia, and D.C. to name a few since we started dating. Colorado, California, and Chicago are next up on the list.

7. It is my core belief that there is a perfect purpose for every shoe. Which is probably why Nick has about a quarter of the floor space in our walk-in closet.

8. My Starbucks order: a grande chai tea latte. Hot. Every time. Even in the middle of August.

9. I will always love Coca Cola. Not Diet Coke, not Coke Zero, straight up sugary Coke. It will be a lifelong battle for me between being healthy and adoring those little red cans.

10. People love to talk to me. No matter where I go, no matter what's going on, someone strikes up a conversation with me. I want to say it's my outgoing personality but I am an introvert through and through. But I do love talking to people so come and talk to me!

11. The city of brotherly love is my adopted city. I grew up only 45 minutes from Center City but didn't fully explore its many charms until 2010. Philly pride...except for the Phillies. I'll never give up my Yankee love.

12. I drink beer. Actually, to be more precise, I drink craft beer. I'm still mourning the demise of my favorite beer (RIP Philadelphia Brewing Company Rowhouse Red) but I love discovering and trying new beers. Though probably not appropriate for an elementary school teacher, I'd love to spend my summers working at a brewery.

13. Nailpolish is my cat nip. I dare you to find me an Essie nailpolish I don't like. On a somewhat related note, I don't like cats.

14. I'm addicted to the beach. Give me the sand, waves, and sunshine any day and I'll be happy. Summer girl for life.

15. My perfect meal would consist of wood fired pizza and french fries. The healthy life is hard.

16. Saving the best for last: I married my best friend on July 18, 2o15. It was the best day of my life so far! I'm so excited for all the adventures we're going to have.