Back to a New Reality

bride-and-groom-portrait Today stretches out before me completely wide open. No crafts to finish, no appointments to rush off to, no more wedding planning. I finished that chapter of my life almost two weeks ago when Nick and I (finally) said "I do".

It truly was the best and most beautiful day of my life. Despite spending thirteen months planning every detail from the bridesmaid bouquets to the napkins, I had no expectations for how it would turn out. I hoped that everything would come together the way I imagined it and it did, some things even better than I prepared for. There were several hiccups, like the speeches being moved around and dancing starting later than I wanted, but those things are minor when it comes down to the whole beautiful day. I felt calm and happy all day, even when it poured all morning and the heat bumped up to a sweaty humid ninety degrees. I was a calm bride because I knew I was marrying my best friend and got to spend the day with all the people I love. Cheesy yes, but one hundred percent true.

Now we're back to reality though a new reality than the one before July 18th. I have a husband now and we're ready to continue to build a future together. I'm not sure if anything big has changed for me just yet but I'm really excited to see what's to come in our year of being newlyweds.