Floral Shorts For Every Summer Day

Wearing: Gardener Chic Wearing: Gardener Chic

Wearing: Gardener Chic

Wearing: Gardener Chic

top: f21, shorts: j.crew factory(last seen here)

Our apartment has a small patio space and I like to pretend that I have a green thumb. The thing is I am much better at wearing flowers than actually growing them. These J.Crew shorts from last summer are basically everything I love about summer fashion. They are simple enough to throw on with something comfy like this chambray shirt but they stand out. Because the last thing I need are complicated shorts when the weather is hovering around 90.

Maybe it's post-wedding blues or it could be post-honeymoon blues or it could just be a touch of summertime sadness but I am in a serious funk lately. With less than a month until I return to the classroom, I've just been lazing around doing nothing. This is unacceptable! I know there is so much to enjoy in the summer and I'll be kicking myself if I don't take the opportunity to enjoy my favorite season. My attempt to correct my serious imbalance this weekend will include a tiki party with friends and maybe a beach trip or two. When the sun is shining there are no excuses!