Back to School Dress for 2015

Wearing: Back to School for 2015 Wearing: Back to School for 2015

Wearing: Back to School for 2015

Wearing: Back to School for 2015

dress: old navy, scarf: anthropologie, shoes: franco sarto via dsw, bag:  target

Today is the official first day of school for me and my students. How did this happen?!? I feel like just yesterday I was hugging the students good-bye and packing up the last of my things. I haven't decided whether I'm ready for a new batch of children and to start all over again with how to line up, how to push in your chair, and how to sit crisscross applesauce on the rug. Unfortunately, I don't get to start when I'm ready and I'm about to be tossed right in. Pray for me, guys.

The first day is always a whirlwind as a teacher whether you're a first year newbie or a seasoned professional. I'm somewhere in between and I've finally figured out the anatomy of the perfect back to school outfit. You've got to start with a simple base, something that is not too tight, not too short, not too baggy or drapey, and it's got to be breathable. Sounds impossible but I found that the simplest of dresses, like this shirt dress I scooped up from Old Navy last year, works best. After that it's all about the layers. Pro-tip for new teachers: buy a lot of scarves. They serve two purposes: to cover up any low or semi-low cut blouses (because that's the style and we can't help it) and to keep you warm. I don't know about other teachers out there but the temperatures vary wildly in my building so it's good to be prepared. I also tucked a cardigan in my bag, that big teacher bag for all my papers and multiple pairs of shoes and changes of clothing just in case. Last but not least, you MUST wear comfortable shoes. I adore heels, the higher, the fancier, the pointier, the better. But that's just not going to work. Besides rushing around the classroom to corral your new class, there are always last minute copies to make and you'll have to go to the other copier because someone jammed the main one. Then you're going to have to play friendship ball with the kids which involves keeping the ball from touching the floor and jumping around like a maniac. So choose flats, or a tiny wedge like I did. There you have it: the perfect back to school outfit for the teacher. For all my fellow teachers, hope you have a fabulous school year! For everyone else, hope you're enjoying your week!