Four Fall Must-Haves

My Essentials for the Fall There are a few things that signal that fall is officially here: cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and shorter days. One not-so-official signal for me happens to be opening up the closet door and wondering if I'm ready for the colder days ahead. Post-wedding and pre-house shopping and vacation dreaming have put a little bit of a squeeze on my wallet lately so I'm not hitting up the Columbus Day sales or scouring the back-of-the-store racks like I normally would. Oh sure, I like a bargain as much as the next lady but this fall I've decided to be more intentional with my spending. That's why I chose to invest in four fall must-haves:

  1. A pair of nice leather boots. From late October to mid-April my feet are covered up and cozy inside a pair of boots. For many years I did what I thought was the budget-friendly choice: buy a new pair from Target. Yes, Target has the cutest styles that are right on target with the latest fashions (no pun intended...). But here I was time and again buying a pair of boots didn't stand the test of time. This year I invested in a pair of brown leather boots that I LOVE after shopping around until I found the right combo of price and design. My boot of choice: Lucky Brand's Heloisse in dark brown. I can't tell you how much I love them and I know they are guaranteed to last, as long as I give them a little care after each wear that is.
  2. A big fluffy blanket scarf. Okay, so it might be a basic thing or a blogger thing but I don't care: blanket scarves are the best! I have worn a blanket scarf to work and cocooned myself in it when the heat's been off. I've wrapped it around most of my head when the wind whips down the Philly streets. And yes, it looks pretty cute too. This scarf I picked up last year was from American Eagle but it seems like you can find them everywhere these days from Gap to Nordstrom, in whatever price point you're comfortable with.
  3. A stylish to-go coffee cup. Cold mornings need warm drinks. If there's only one thing to hate about mornings in the fall is that they are so darn cold compared to later in the afternoon. Getting dressed is a lesson in layers plus you're forced to sit in either a cold car as it warms up or stand on a cold platform waiting for a train or bus to arrive. That is why a warm beverage in your hands is essential. Since life is always better when something's cute, go shop for a new to-go cup. This cup is from Starbucks a few years back and it makes me smile and keeps my hands warm but I adore's many options!
  4. That perfect leather bag. I must confess that I love handbags but never invested in one. Why not? I can't tell you. Maybe it's because Target again lured me in with their stylish alternatives at just the right price point. But after years of buying handbags here and there I have found my soulmate: Madewell's lafayette bucket bag. I get so happy every time I pick it up to rush out the door. It is big enough to hold all my stuff and the leather is buttery and soft. Bucket bags seem like a new style but when I was proclaiming my love for this bag to my mom she simply said, "Oh yea, we carried those in the seventies." See, what's goes around comes right back around.

What are your must-haves for the fall?


In case you were wondering none of the above links are affiliates, just things I love and want you to know about! Happy shopping!

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