Creating Your Weekend Road Trip Playlist

Creating Your Weekend Roadtrip Playlist "My bags are packed and I'm ready to go..." This is literally my anthem for this week since I'm so ready for our weekend road trip to Virginia. Because I'm an obsessive planner, I've got everything laid out: itinerary, outfits (naturally), our road trip snacks. I had everything put together by late last night...until I realized I forgot an essential component of a great road trip: the music!

You can't have a great road trip without the perfect road trip  playlist to get you going. To me, it's a good balance between those upbeat, dance-in-your-seat songs and the mellow, wind-in-your-hair tunes. You also need to have a little taste of everything: current pop, a dash of country, some classic rock tunes, and a couple of indie favorites. You have to make both you and your road trip partner happy, you know? For the perfect roadtrip playlist you have to have balance between old and new, dancing and chilling, and songs that make you excited after you've been driving for an hour or so and there are no rest stops in sight.

Where to start? Start by spending a little time listening to Pandora. You can pop in a keyword (try "fall" or "road trip") that will pull up songs that Pandora thinks goes along with this word. Write them down and then you've got some inspiration. I also like checking out Spotify. But the tried-and-true method for creating the perfect road trip playlist? Check out your own itunes! I don't spend enough time listening to music on my computer or phone but there are definitely some hidden gems (like every Bruce Springsteen song ever, because Jersey girl). Between using some online tools to using your own music library, you'll be lip synching from state to state for sure.

Check out what I'll be using to kick off my road trip this Friday when we hit the road!