Why You Need to Travel Journal

Perched on a metal chair on a minuscule balcony, I looked out over the blue pool waters and up at the matching blue sky. Long strands of Spanish moss sway in the humid breeze like hair tangled in the wind. The beauty of Georgia and the unknown that surrounded me was almost tangible. This was a quiet moment and so beautiful, the kind of moment that you want to capture on your camera. Only you can't because it's almost impossible to capture the feeling of sitting in an unknown place and feeling completely at peace. So I picked up my pen to write. There are many things that fall on the list of travel essentials from blanket scarves for chilly plane rides to a sturdy leather tote. But if I had to be quite honest a journal or even a plain notebook is almost all you need. A camera is great for capturing most memories: the colorful wall on your walk to breakfast, the pier as it juts out over the grey green ocean, the smile on your face as you stand in front of that building or monument you never ever thought you'd see. They are beautiful and precious but I want to capture even more: how a hot beignet tastes as it melts in my mouth, the feeling of gazing out over a city hundreds of years old, that briny, weird, and all encompassing smell that is so unique to this place.

I've been keeping travel journals since I was in elementary school. When we would travel, my mom would buy me books and notebooks. It was helpful when we were driving places or stuck on subway cars, or taking long flights over the ocean. I would write stories about things I saw and then I would write about what we did.

The best part about journalling your travels is there are no rules. Sometimes you'll sit down at night with a cocktail or in the morning with a local cup of coffee and write about the place in front of you. Sometimes it's penning a few lines on a crowded bus. Sometimes it's after you're already home and you're trying to hold onto the last shreds of the perfect time away. The only thing you need is a journal and a pen.


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