One Day in Philly: Old School Philadelphia

  I've shared a lot of my love for Philadelphia, the city to my south, over the years. My goal has always been to encourage others to visit this area and to see more of what the city and New Jersey have to offer. I want you to come here and see it all for yourself! But sometimes planning a vacation is simply overwhelming. There are so many questions you ask yourself: where should I stay? Where do I start my day? How many things can I see in one day? What do I do if I'm hungry? What should I avoid? And most of all, where do I even start? All of these questions start popping up as soon as you start planning my vacations whether they are weekend trips or two week stays. Now I love the planning and research phase of  vacation but what if you don't? My friends who are not planners tend to hit up a travel agent or stay to the tried-and-true activities wherever they may be. Talk about expensive and boring!

Mixing all that together in my mind, from my love of Philadelphia to my love of planning, and you've got my new One Day in Philly mini series. In a few posts I'll be sharing a day's worth of activities, eateries, and shopping for your trip to Philly. So whatever kind of tourist you want to be, old school, hipster, or foodie, you'll find a way to explore Philadelphia and see why I love this city.

One Day in Philly: Old School

Explore a City that Built a Nation!

Philadelphia is the birthplace of freedom. From the Liberty Bell to the Declaration of Independence, Philly has got that America thing on lock. The most historic area of Philadelphia is known as Old City and you'll find remnants of Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. If you're here to enjoy a touch of history because, well, why not, read on for One Day in Philly old school style.

In the morning, stop and grab a cup of coffee.

"Coffee, the favorite drink of the civilized world." - Thomas Jefferson

One Day in Philly: Old School

Menagerie Coffee, 8 S. 3rd Street

great cold brew, pour overs, and a small but delicious pastry selection

Dig your way through history.

One Day in Philly: Old School

One Day in Philly: Old School

One Day in Philly: Old School

Ben Franklin Museum, 317 Chestnut Street

hidden between buildings, this national historic site was developed from the archaeological dig on the site of benjamin franklin's former philadelphia home. though the house no longer stands, framing helps you imagine its size and layout. inside you can discover more about the amazing american revolutionary. 

Send a postcard, colonial style

One Day in Philly: Old School

B.Free Franklin Post Office and Museum, 316 Market Street

the only colonial-themed post office operated by the u.s. postal service. grab a postcard and send it with the special postmark while checking out some post office memorabilia

Walk the mall without buying a thing

One Day in Philly: Old School

One Day in Philly: Old School

One Day in Philly: Old School

One Day in Philly: Old School

Independence Mall

Independence Visitor Center, 1 North Independence Mall West

National Constitution Center, 525 Arch Street

Independence Hall, 520 Chestnut Street

Liberty Bell, 6th and Market Street

the independence mall is where it's at for all things historical and touristy. you can stand on the same boards where our future as a nation was debated, see the shiny bronze of the bell that rang in liberty, and get your photo taken with some iconic sons of liberty. it may get touristy and crowded but hey, this is where the historic action is at. 

While we're being historic and everything, sit down to lunch in an old bank

One Day in Philly: Old School

National Mechanics, 22 S. 3rd Street

simply delicious and innovative comfort food in a gothic-inspired setting. the drinks list is long and there's a bloody mary bar for all your weekend brunching. 

Soak up true old school flavor by strolling the streets

One Day in Philly: Old School

Start by walking south on 3rd street then west on Pine for some great historic rowhomes...or you could just stroll around, that's the beauty of this area

Sit for a moment and smell the (historic) roses

One Day in Philly: Old School

18th century garden, 339 Walnut street

this beautiful national park service garden is steps away from all the historic sites and is never busy. perfect for relaxing after all that walking.

For before dinner drinks, cozy up in the pub

One Day in Philly: Old School

Khyber Pass Pub, 56 S. 2nd Street

killer beer list, great cocktails, and a great southern menu heavy on the po'boys and fried chicken

Pizza can be revolutionary

One Day in Philly: Old School

Revolution House, 200 Market Street

Neapolitan pies on a roof deck is the perfect ending to a history-heavy day

One day or one week, you can't miss the history that Philadelphia has to offer.