The Perfect Present for the Stylish Explorer

Here at Buttons and Blossoms I'm all about being a stylish explorer, a lady who loves her clothes as much as she loves the experience of waking up somewhere new. Sometimes that can be hard to shop for since the weekend adventurer would rather have experiences than material goods. Fortunately, the stylish explorer is not a backpacker and likes to put together as she jets around the globe. Wondering what to get to the lady (or even gentleman) who has a sense of style and a love of travel? Here are four ideas that are just perfect for the stylish explorer (and can get last minute, as in right now!)

A travel or city guide coffee table book so they can dream of places they'll go when they're stuck at home.

Travel Guides- Gift Guide
clockwise from top left: one, two, three, four

Scarves and ponchos of all sizes and colors because they'll need to stay warm and cozy in planes, trains, and automobiles!

Scarves & Ponchos- Gift Guides
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Coffee cups, tea cups, and travel mugs so they can pretend they're sipping their mornings coffee on a hotel balcony instead of on the couch or in morning traffic
Travel Theme Coffee Mugs
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Camera accessories because you know they are ALWAYS taking pictures of EVERYTHING
Camera Accessories
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Even if you can't give the explorer in your life a plane ticket (but if you can, could you be my friend?), then you can at least give them items that will remind them of all the places they've been and the ones they can't wait to explore.