One Word 2016

Every year I choose one word that will guide me through the next 365 days. The process begins by sitting down and reflecting on the word from this past year. I carefully consider what I want to remind myself of in the days to come because this one word sets the tone for how I will live my life in the new year. For 2015, I chose present as my word for the year. My reasoning behind this was that there were many amazing things for 2015 that I wanted to be fully engaged in. With all the distractions that are part of our everyday life now, I wanted to make sure that I was participating fully in each event, from my bridal shower to my bachelorette party to our wedding day and our honeymoon. I had to remind myself of my own word often, especially on those tough days when I was being pulled in a million directions and the mundane days when nothing was going on. However, I chose perfectly and was present in all things this year, capturing all the wonderful moments 2015 had up its sleeve.

As I sat down to prepare for 2016 and pick that one word, I felt a bit lost. 2016 will be the first year that I haven't had anything major going on in my life. No job search (hopefully), no engagement, no wedding planning, no wedding day, no major life events (again, hopefully). I am hoping that 2016 remains a calm year with maybe one or two big things happening but overall calm and quiet. Through the month of December I went back and forth about what my word would be. For a moment I thought that I might pick a whole phrase to guide my year. In the end, the perfect word came to me, as it always does, and I'm excited for what it has in store for me.

My one word for 2016 is:

One Word 2016

Now usually I pick a verb as my one word for the new year. I feel that an action word helps propel me to do more, yet this year I wanted to change it up. I wanted to pick a word that I wanted to feel, that I wanted to do, that I wanted to be. With my word for 2016, joy, I can attach a multitude of action to that one word. I can seek joy. I can share joy. I can give joy. I can find joy. I can be joy. I can choose joy.

For 2016, I hope to see and have joy in everything I do. There are so many ups and downs in a year but if I remind myself to find joy, even in the hardest of moments, I know 2016 will be amazing.

Do you pick one word for the year? If you do, what's your word for 2016?

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