buttons and blossoms is on Facebook! (and my feelings about social media)

buttons and blossoms is on facebook! About a million years behind everyone, I've finally launched a Facebook page so you can catch me on one of the most popular social networks. I'll be sharing posts, where I'm going and what I'm loving right now. I mainly stayed off for so many years because I like to have a separation between my personal life and my online, blogging life. Now I finally feel ready to put my blog on there. 

Facebook is the original social network. I know there was MySpace and Friendster and LiveJournal and Xanga and all those quirky online social sites that came before and that most people don't know about now. But for me, Facebook is the original. I waited anxiously for my college to send me my email address, because back then it was exclusive and you had to have a college email address before you could even get on. And then you might not even be able to have Facebook if your college wasn't invited yet. It was exclusive and different and everyone wanted to be on it but not everyone could. It was the first time I was involved in social media and sharing my personal life online. Facebook has recorded a lot of break-ups, awkward photos, and angsty statuses. It was, at times, intensely personal to post there.

Up until recently, I thought that getting personal online was part of the deal with social media. Post your engagement, your wedding photos, your new baby, share a break-up, flaunt the new boyfriend: it's just part of the social media swirl. However, who's telling us to share all these things? We act like we have to keep up with the internet Joneses but it's all a choice. We read all this backlash when people find out something posted online is not real, but nothing posted online is really real. You're seeing something through a screen and no matter what we tell ourselves, that's not real life.

What is real life is going out and doing things. Spending time with friends instead of liking their photos. Booking that vacation instead of sharing the article about top ten places to go in 2016. Telling my husband how much I love him instead of posting it online.

That's not to say I'm not going to be online. Did you read the beginning of this post?! You can be authentic with what you share online. I follow and have gotten to know so many amazing people through social media. If there wasn't a hint of reality to it, I doubt it would be so popular.  Rather I'm choosing to share great things online but not everything. 2016 is going to be a year of balance (and joy too!) so I'm starting with social media.

In case you forgot in my long rambling post, you can now follow buttons and blossoms over on Facebook! Now you know I'm only sharing the best of the best.