Six Winter Essentials

Winter essentials
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Winter has officially arrived and to say I'm unprepared is an understatement. I just had to dig my winter coat from the back of my closet for this week. That's why I decided to put together this little shopping list of six must-have items for the winter.

1. A sturdy pair of boots. My husband is quick to say that I have the most impractical shoe choices. Moccasins are too darn comfortable! But when it comes to the winter time, a good pair of boots is sitting waiting for the snow and ice. Of course, L.L. Bean makes the recognizable duck boot but Sperry's are also a great option.

2. A cozy knit hat. When the wind chill picks up, I'm pretty sure my hair will freeze right off without a winter hat. The slouchy beanie is the perfect style because I can pull it down low but also stash it in my purse when I duck inside.

3. A puffy, lined coat. You're probably thinking, well, of course a coat is a winter essential. It's worth it to invest in a winter coat, instead of just layering up under a lighter coat. Besides keeping you warm, it makes it so much easier when you've got lots of other layers already going on.

4. A pair of knit gloves. Mittens are so cute and cozy but the only way I function outside in the winter is with gloves. My fingers get practically icy when exposed to the winter air for thirty seconds or more. But if you're addicted to Instagram or Twitter like I am, texting gloves like the ones above are essential.

5. A lazy day sweatshirt. Guys, I'm just waiting for a snow day. Sorry my midwestern friends, I know you're buried under snow and waiting for spring. Here on the East Coast we've been pretty dry and I could use a a day off. Snow days are my favorite because I can wake up late, drink hot cocoa, and watch the flakes fall. Oh well, I'll just keep waiting.

6. Soft, stretchy fleece lined leggings. When the temperatures dip below forty, I basically give up on skirts. Unless I pull on my fleece lined leggings. Anything is possible when you're wearing fleece lined leggings in the winter. At least that's what I tell myself.