Kladdkaka, the most scrumptious Swedish chocolate cake

Around the World in 28 Cakes // a blog series with cakes from around the world. Travel the world without leaving your kitchen! It's time to share my second cake in my Around the World in 28 cakes series! I'm having fun with the series and it's getting me back in the kitchen. Plus the winter-y weather makes it the perfect time to perfect my baking skills.

When I was choosing the next recipe to make, I knew I wanted to make something around Valentine's Day. As much fun as it is baking cakes, you then have to eat the cakes. I would love to eat all the cake but I've got a bridesmaid dress to fit into in May! So I decided this week in February was the perfect time to make a cake to share with my sweetheart. And because nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolate, I went with a traditional Swedish chocolate cake called Kladdkaka.

Around the World in 28 Cakes: Swedish Kladdkaka // a rich and delicious flourless chocolate cake that's easy to make!

Kladdkaka is a simple chocolate cake that's a cross between a gooey brownie and a chocolate cake. It's low on ingredients and dense in consistency and so very chocolaty. I originally wanted to make a Swedish princess cake but this cake seems much more popular (and a whole lot easier). As I read, this is a cake served in many Swedish cafes and it made in many Swedish kitchens. Everyone has their own version and this is my adaptation!

Kladdkaka, a traditional Swedish chocolate cake

Kladdkaka, a traditional Swedish chocolate cake

You'll only need six ingredients to make this cake which is like heaven when you're on a budget. I don't know how full-time food bloggers do it; their grocery store bill must be miles long! I had all the ingredients in my cabinets so I could throw it together in a minute. Which is great for a working wife who's got night classes, a Valentine's Day party to throw, and lots of laundry before the week is through!

There are two tricks to baking a scrumptious kladdkaka: melted butter and baking time. Melting the butter reduces the amount of air allowed in the cake which helps keep it dense and gooey. As for baking time, you've got to keep your eye on this cake. The goal is to have a slightly sticky middle and over-baking will dry out this brownie-like cake. So in the final 10 minutes or so of the baking time keep your eye on it. Pressing gently on the top will let you know when the cake is just right; watch for a little cracking and firmness.

Kladdkaka, a traditional Swedish chocolate cake

If you want a super chocolaty dream cake, step into this kitchen and bake a Kladdkaka. It's like eating brownie batter in a neatly packaged cake form. It's moist and sticky just like promised. That gorgeous dense chocolate middle is surrounded by a crunchy outer shell. The balance is just perfect; you feel like you're cracking into a chocolate surprise. Those Swedes know exactly what they're doing.

If you're like me and still haven't figured out what you're going to do for your love this Valentine's Day, make this cake. It's ridiculously easy if you're short on time. It's got only a few ingredients if you're short on cash. And it's the perfect amount of chocolate for this holiday.


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