Sunday Edit: Layering from Winter to Spring

Winter to Spring Cardigans

cream buttoned cardigan // blue and white striped long cardigan // brown cardigan // fringed open front cardigan // blush open long cardigan // line patterned cardigan

This is one of the weirdest winter's on record. One weekend we're battling below zero wind chills, the next runners are hitting the track in shorts and t-shirts. February is too early to be packing away the winter coats and it's too warm to pile on heavy sweaters. That's why layering is your new best friend for the weird and wacky transition from winter to spring.

I love layering because I'm either too hot or too cold in whatever situation I'm in. Throughout the work day I'm constantly removing and adding layers. The only way I survive is by having a million cardigans in my closet. It used to be that cardigans were only pastel buttoned down types but finally people have caught on to how amazing layering is. Now you can pick from long or short, blush or black, buttoned or not. Until we can safely say that these sixty degree days are here to stay, invest in a cardigan and layer up!