Hair Happy: Trying Out the New CIBU Products from Hair Cuttery

The new CIBU products are at Hair Cuttery! Affordable products with amazing results I'm not a huge beauty addict but there's one thing I always invest in: my hair. When you're on a road trip or travelling around the world, you may not put on a full face of makeup but you (usually) want to put a little effort into your hair. It's one of the first things people will notice, even if you don't want to put a ton of effort into styling it. That's why I was super excited when Hair Cuttery asked me to try their new line of salon quality hair care products, Cibu.

The new Cibu product line has everything you might need from shampoo to balms. It was created with the input of Hair Cuttery's 10,000 stylists so it's created with all hair types and styles in mind. The best part of Cibu is that it is inspired by nature. Many of the products incorporate natural oils to keep your hair naturally healthy, happy and beautiful.

Since my hair is in serious need of heat protection and restorative hydration (thanks a lot winter weather), the products I'm loving are all about keeping my hair happy and silky smooth despite all of the abuse I put it through.

Hair Happy: New CIBU Products at Hair Cuttery

Cibu repair shampoo and conditioner

When I got my hair cut in January, the first major cut since months before my wedding, my poor hair was in need of some major help. Dry, brittle, heavy, and damaged, it was time for a hair cut but I also needed to give my hair some extra love. My normal stylist offered me some of their very pricey options so I could only afford a little moisturizing hair mask.

Thank goodness for CIBU's repair shampoo and conditioner duo! Since Cibu's focus is on luxury salon products at an affordable price point, you don't need to worry about taking care of your hair. This combo works hand and hand to keep your hair hydrated and happy in the winter and all year 'round. If you've got color-treated hair like me, you'll be happy to know that it's sulfate and paraben free so your hair won't stripped of its color by harsh chemicals. The repair shampoo and conditioner also have almond oil, silk proteins, and biotin to restore and strengthen your hair. I also worry that moisturizing shampoos are too heavy and can weigh my hair down. Cibu's made my hair silky smooth and never ways it down. I kid you not; I'm constantly running my hands through my hair! Can we make this in travel size please?

Hair Happy: New CIBU Products at Hair Cuttery

Cibu Frizz Fix

East Coast ladies know what I'm talking about when I talk about frizz. The humidity is non-stop and I'm always trying something new to battle my hair. Instead of using a million products to keep your hair smooth, Cibu offers only one easy fix: Frizz Fix straightening balm with keratin.

Frizz Fix is the solution for the lady who loves her heat styling and hates humidity. Smooth the balm on and it instantly tames the crazy poof. The thicker formula means only one pump was necessary for my medium thick hair. Though I don't use a straight iron on my hair, it worked really well with simple blow drying but it's definitely a product perfect for straightener obsessed ladies. If you're looking to have straight and frizz free hair, then you'll want Frizz Fix.

The thicker formula means only one pump was necessary for my medium thick hair. 

Finista Finishing Spray

You know that nasty chemical smell you get from most hairsprays? That is long gone when using Finista. Oh my goodness, ladies, this hairspray smells delicious! I never thought I'd say that about hairspray but Finista is definitely the exception. Why does it smell so good? It's got to be the coconut oil, which not only makes it smell great but adds shine when combined with argan oil. It's easy to layer without creating buildup and it creates some serious hold on your hair. On "lazy" days I love adding waves to my hair but they usually fall out before I'm headed home from work. When I used Finista, they stayed practically perfect all day. This is my second favorite Cibu product and I'll be headed to Hair Cuttery to replace it before long.

Hair Happy: New CIBU Products at Hair Cuttery

Cibu Drynamic

The one product that I fell head over heels for is Drynamic. This heat protecting blow dry accelerator is the best: it has cut back my blow drying time by several minutes. When you're trying to get out the door in the morning several minutes off of your get-ready time is a big deal! I don't know what magic is contained in this bottle but two sprays, a brush of your comb, and then you're halfway to dry hair. This is the kind of how-did-I-live-before-this product that it going to go with me everywhere! Now to get around the TSA agents...

I'm so glad I had this opportunity to try some of the new Cibu products. These are such high quality products that are insanely affordable. There's nothing I hate more than overspending on something I'm never going to use but every single one I've shared with you are winners. It makes getting great hair on the go possible! If you want to get some of your own, check out Cibu's online store or visit a Hair Cuttery, Salon Cielo, or a Bubbles Salon to get some of your own.