Sunday Edit: Leggings Love

Leggings Love

grey stripe // floral stripe // plain black // floral // ballerina strap

 When I was in elementary school in the 90s, leggings were the thing to wear. I refused most pants for no other reason than I thought it was not "girly" to wear pants. However, leggings were the exception. I had a magenta pair, a multicolored geometric pair, a trusty black, and a mustard yellow pair to name a few. Leggings and I were in love until it was no longer the style to wear them. It was unfortunate for me and the cast of Full House.

But just like the revival of Fuller House, they are back again. I know they've been here for awhile but with this new athletic leisure trend, they are out and about and more sophisticated than ever before. They pair perfectly with sneakers or boots and are the perfect compliment to your weekend adventures. Now I don't support the leggings as pants trend unless they are your gym pants but we also live in the age of effortless tunics and breezy layering tops. While I have yet to dive into Fuller House, you will definitely find me on the couch in my leggings.

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