How to Make Your Own Ripped Black Jeans for Under $15

How to Make Your Own Ripped Black Jeans for Under $15 Standard fashion advice is to never follow a trend, wear what looks good on you, and invest in the classics. But what if you really, really want to try something new? And what if you're just not sure about the trend but you really, really want to try it? What if you really want to try a trend? That's when it's time to DIY and in this first post in my new series of DIY fashion I'm tackling the black jeans trend.

Ripped black jeans are everywhere right now. They are the trendy girl's best friend: effortlessly cool and super comfortable. There are some affordable options out there like TopShop's Moto Jeans or you could go for a more expensive pair like these Citizen of Humanity ones. Not sure how I'd feel about the trend I decided to make my own pair.

Though this is the first time I'm sharing it on buttons & blossoms, I'm a big fan of DIY-ing fashion trends. In high school a pair of worn out jeans was transformed into hippie-inspired embroidered jeans with a ribbon belt. When a favorite J.Crew plaid shirt wasn't fitting the right way in the arms, sliced them off and it became the perfect top for summer barbecues. Not every project turns out perfectly; those middle school bell bottoms with the floral insert just wasn't quite right.

How to find what you need:

To start with this project I needed a pair of comfortable black jeans. Duh. I seriously love my high-waisted skinnies from Levi's so I searched high and low for a copy cat pair. When you're trying to style on a budget and not sure where to start, visit low-end high-style retailers like Target and Forever 21. These places tend to have affordable basics that can be transformed into something great. If that doesn't do the trick, head to the thrift store. One of my best tricks for finding the exact piece of clothing you need is to visit the men's section. When you're cutting and sewing, having a larger size to work with will make the project easier.

How to Make Your Own Ripped Black Jeans for Under $15

What you need: black jeans, scissors, chalk, fine grit sandpaper (optional)

My black jeans came from Forever 21, one of the first places I start when I'm looking to DIY. These are super cheap (about $8! Which could make this an under $10 project) but if you like high waisted styles, they have that too. The jeans are a soft cotton and because they're inexpensive, they're easy to cut and fix the way you want.

How to make your cool and comfortable ripped jeans:

  1. Start by putting on your jeans. This way you can see where your knees and where the rips will go.
  2. Use the chalk to mark a straight line where you want your rips to be or have a friend do it for you. Where you decide to make your line is up to you but do what I like to call the "bend test": squat so that you can see where your knees will poke out when you're sitting or bending! (Can you tell I'm just a tad OCD?) You might want to make the cuts slightly above the knee rather than right in the middle but it's up to you.
  3. Take the jeans off and cut along the chalk line. I make a tiny fold over the line to start my cut because no one will notice later.
  4. Next you can use the sandpaper to get that frayed look or you can throw the jeans in the wash and let the machine do it for you.

And there you have it: one pair of inexpensive ripped black jeans! They are seriously my favorite "trendy" item in my closet right now. They're the perfect edge to my winter-to-spring wardrobe. And when they're no longer the thing, I'll move on to my next DIY project.