Sunday Edit: In VEST in Spring

Vests for Spring

checked // long geometric // denim // draped sweater // grey fleece

Sorry for the pun-y post title; I've got a little bit of spring fever over here! Though it would be nice if the weather in New Jersey would cooperate for me. One day we're enjoying sunshine in the 70s and the very next day I'm grabbing every possible layer and looking like a bag lady. Which is why I'm in-vesting in a vest for spring! Sorry, can't seem to help myself...

A layered style is basically the essential spring. Mornings usually start off chilly but you'll need to shed those layers once the sun comes out. Vests are great because they aren't going to stifle you the way a bulky coat might and they can tie a look together. I'm all about the vest whether it's my slim J.Crew navy one that goes with anything (though I love it with chambray!) or my vintage puffer inherited from Mom. Have I convinced you that you need a vest yet?!? Whether you're going preppy, geometric, or sporty, you are going to want that vest for spring, trust me.