Sunday Edit: Just A Little Flare

Flare Jeans for Spring

river island dark wash // madewell flea market // james jeans high rise white // forever 21 frayed hem // asos ripped black

Back in middle school, flare jeans were all the rage. The bigger the flare, the cooler you were and you were extra cool if people had absolutely no idea what shoes you were wearing ever. I had mixed feelings when I realized that flare jeans were once again on store shelves. There's a part of me that is totally over the skinny jeans trend. I mean, I think it's coming to a close when you start seeing spandex leggings that look like acid wash skinnies. But at the same time there needs to be some restraint with the bottom width of your jeans. Think more of a subtle flare, like an a-line skirt, rather than a voluminous return to the term "bell bottom". It's time we leave that in the 70's or in the early 2000's at the very least.

If you're not sure about the new flare jean trend, you're in good company. Besides middle school flashbacks, it's kind of hard to imagine what in your closet might pair with them when we've been talking tight, tight, tight for so many years. Almost any top will work with flare jeans with a little tucking magic. Crop tops give a very 70's disco vibe and a looser, boxier top will add a little polish. The thing about flares is that, in order to keep from looking like you're ready to listen to Backstreet Boys and stock up on Lipsmackers, you'll need a pair of heels. My go-to this season is a pair of pointed toe heels to help elongate the leg. You can even get away with flats and flares when you go with the pointed toe.

You may think that flare jeans are not your thing but I'm here to tell you GIVE THEM A TRY! They are the easiest trend to pull off this spring and your legs will be thanking you after you free them from the spandex prison.