What I Wore Wednesday: To A Hockey Game

What I Wore Wednesday: To A Hockey Game

sweatshirt: NHL apparel (similar), flannel: target (similar), black jeans: forever 21, shoes: toms, bag: madewell, sunglasses: ray ban

Did you know that almost every time I leave the house I put together an outfit? I have never gone out in my pajamas, never worn a mismatched top and bottom, never worn a pair of leggings without a top to cover up my behind. There's something in me that makes me feel all out of sorts if my outfit doesn't "feel right" to me. Just ask my parents; many tears were shed in my childhood because I didn't want to wear something. I'm just a tad high maintenance.

This new series, What I Wore Wednesday, is a way for me to capitalize on my high maintenance personality and to show you that great style happens every day. I love my regular style posts which show you a particular look with mostly new clothes in my closet. What I Wore Wednesday is how I really wear my clothes, out in the wild, for all the different occasions in my life. When I search the internet for #outfitinspo, I love seeing stylized posts but all I can think is "how is that going to work?" I mean, can you wear that dress for an hour in the car? How are you going to wear that if you have to go from a dive bar to dinner with your parents? How do style yourself for every day? April is going to be a busy month for me so I'm looking forward to sharing many real life outfits here.

My very first outfit is what I wore to last Monday's Flyers ice hockey game. Nick loves hockey and when we started dating, he got me hooked on his Philadelphia Flyers. Going to a hockey game is really something else; the crowd is electric and the game moves so fast and keeps you right on the edge of your seat. We're really on the edge of our seats for every game this month since the Flyers are trying to keep their wild card spot for the play-offs. But enough about the hockey game: what should you wear to a hockey game?

  1. Layer it up. Layers are crucial for a hockey game, especially towards the end of the season. Because hockey is played on ice, it's going to be cold inside the arena (duh). Whatever the weather may be, you're going to need to wear something to keep you warm when you're watching them shoot the puck down the ice. I love a light flannel button down layered under a sweater or a logo sweatshirt.
  2. Keep it comfortable. Hockey games are not as long as say a baseball game but there are three twenty minute periods plus two intermissions. The game can feel long if you're bundled up in too many layers or you're wearing your tight skinny jeans. Thick knit leggings are a great solution or I rely on my favorite cheap black forever 21 pants that are slightly warmer.
  3. Show your true colors. Hockey is a sport with passionate fans and they like to show it. This is the perfect time to go all out with your team's colors. I wear these orange Toms on the regular but they are just so much fun when I'm wearing them to represent my favorite team. So get all your colorful stuff together and support your players!

Ladies, I am so excited to show you more of how I'm styling myself every day through What I Wore Wednesday. I'm going to try (aka hoping to not forget) to share my outfits every day over on snapchat. You can find me at kendallblossoms and I'd be thrilled if you sent a snap showing me how you're styling yourself for every day. Let's inspire each other and feel great in what we wear every single day!