Wearing: No Sweat Saturday Style

Wearing: No Sweat Saturday Style Wearing: No Sweat Saturday Style

sweatshirt: DIY project here, shirt: j.crew factory, jeans: lucky brand, shoes: dsw (similar), bag: madewell

As I get older, a truly great Saturday consists of nothing more than sleeping in and a Netflix marathon. The idea of getting dressed and going out to do something, especially during this weird spring cold snap, seems like a really big deal. But, even though I say I want a restful weekend doing nothing, I'm on twitter first thing in the morning checking out what's going in New Jersey, Philly, and NYC. Wherever's got something interesting, that's where I'll go. But then I have to get dressed to go out. Though it's becoming more and more acceptable to wear your pjs and such out of the house, it's something I just can't seem to embrace. Saturday is a day for comfort! Enter your new best friend: the adorable graphic sweatshirt.

Whether you buy one (I have a serious crush on this one right now) or make your own custom one, a sweatshirt makes comfortable fashionable. Remember when you were a lazy college student and wore a big, baggy sweatshirt to your 10 a.m. class? First of all, you should have scheduled your classes for the afternoon and that's definitely not the style today. The sweatshirts of today are slim and perfect for layering over your favorite tunic or button down. It's like a cozier, low maintenance version of a pullover sweater.

So even though I'll be dressing up for a bridal shower this Saturday, you'll probably find me in this very sweatshirt at my favorite Philly spot that night.