Sunday Edit: Sweatshirt Style

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There's nothing I love more than to be comfortable. All of my outfits are inspired by my need to be comfortable while I'm out and about. I've never been one to enjoy wearing my sweats out of the house but I am in love with the new graphic sweatshirt style trend. While it's no work-ready button down, they're just the thing for a lazy Sunday. Or a sick Sunday like I had today. Darn you spring cold and allergy season! To say I went heavy on the sweatshirt style today is an understatement.

While I loved making my own sweatshirt, there are plenty of choices in every price point. And these aren't the old college sweatshirts your parents bought at the bookstore when you were moving into your freshman year dorm. These sweatshirts are much more sophisticated than your average hoodie. You can go cheeky or sweet or retro.

There are about a dozen different ways to have perfect sweatshirt style.  Keep it casual with a layered long shirt underneath or dress it up with a fun colorful skirt. It's like the fun and crazy sister to your sophisticated and plain pullover sweater. I know everyone's always saying people don't get dressed up anymore but who wants to when sweatshirts look this good?