Sunday Edit: Totes Loving Spring

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Sorry for the cheesy post title; I swear I've only ever used the word "totes" to describe the bag on my arm and not as an abbreviation for totally. But the wordplay was just too good for me to pass up. So I'm "totes" sharing with you a great round-up of tote bags for spring! I'm done now, I promise.

For a little while, a totes were the only kind of handbag to carry. You packed it full of everything you could possibly need or not need: cell phone, wallet, keys, mints, hand sanitizer, a notebook, a planner, 50 different crumpled receipts, an extra pair of flip flops for tired feet, and so on. Then women started to scale it down and return to the more structured, smaller handbags that could carry your cell phone, wallet, keys, mints, and 50 crumpled receipts. While I'm in love with my bucket bag, my collection of tote bags is still going strong in the back of my closet.

Why do you need a tote bag? Sure, you could just use paper shopping bags or a bunch of plastic bags but you want to look like you have it together, lady. Totes are great as a fashionable laptop bag or to carry your veggies at the farmer's market or to take on a early summer beach trip. The mint tote from Target is one of my favorite inexpensive tote bags that is great for work and play. The Kate Spade coral tote is a little more pricey but you cannot beat Kate's quality or the "wow" factor of that color. And, if you're still in love with a classy structured bag but could use the room, you're going to die over this Brahmin satchel. Love those flowers! Saving your pennies up for the beach and summer vacation? I've got you covered: DIY your own flower power tote!

Even if you're the most laidback lady who doesn't need to tote much around, you're going to want a tote bag from spring. They're "totes" the perfect bag for spring! (Sorry, had to.)