What I Wore Wednesday: To A Bridal Shower

What I Wore: To a Bridal Shower

dress: j.crew factory, cardigan: j.crew factory, heels: dsw (similar), necklace: j.crew (similar), sunglasses: warby parker

Spring is upon us and so begins the wedding season! For me this is both the best of times and the worst of times. Best because it's wonderful to celebrate such happy times for friends and family. Worst because each event from the shower to the big day means coming up with something to wear. According to American Express, the average American wedding guest spends $673 per wedding. Um, excuse me? That's ridiculous. So rather than buy a new dress for each wedding, shower, and bachelorette event, I'm investing in pieces that can be effortlessly remixed.

This outfit is what I wore to a bridal shower a few weeks ago. This J.Crew Factory dress is the BEST: it is so comfortable (because you'll be sitting for hours watching the bride open her gifts) and it's bright and bold without being too conspicuous. What that means is you'll be able to mix it up without anyone being the wiser.

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

  1. Go for color over pattern. Patterns are pretty but they can be hard to re-wear and mix with other pieces. Picking a bright color for spring and summer and subtler shades for the fall will help you get plenty of use from a dress or a skirt.
  2. Knee length is best. I'm going to sound like an old lady saying this but dresses and skirts are so short nowadays. Not that a short skirt isn't fun 90% of the time, but a bridal shower is still a fairly formal event. Even if you know the bride is a laid back lady who doesn't care, you'll still want to think of her grandmother and family members who might.
  3. A little sparkle goes a long way. A statement necklace can do wonders when it comes to creating a memorable outfit. The above necklace is my favorite hint of sparkle. It always gets me compliments and compliments a simple outfit. To be honest, you may only need a statement necklace to rock that wedding event.
  4. Grab your favorite heels. Usually I advise against a pair of heels because I believe in comfort over everything. But if you've got heels in your closet, now is the time to wear them. Events like bridal showers where you're sitting almost the whole time are when you can get away with wearing those beautiful heels.

A bridal shower is a great excuse to dress outside of your normal every day look. Whether you're in the bridal party or just a guest, you'll want to be comfortable and ready to celebrate. If you're the bride and looking for a way to spruce up your little white dress, here's what I wore to my own bridal shower last June. It's not a reason to break the bank and go all out, especially if you've got a lot of wedding events to go to. Here's to weddings and the perfect bridal shower look!